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Wellness at Your Fingertips

IV Hydration

We have IVs for energy, immune boost, athletic recovery, fat burner, migraine help, prenatal, youth/beauty, glutathione, detox/hangovers and just plain hydration. 



Book your Glutathione, Vitamin B Complex, Tri-Immune, B12 or MIC-B12 injections.  

Vitamin Injection with syringe.jpg

Health Coaching

Begin Transforming your life today with a board certified nurse coach.

Yoga Group

Red Light/Infrared light therapy

Red light/Infrared light treatments can help with Fat reduction, pain, acne, sciatica, tighten skin, reduce inflammation, wound healing and so much more.

Foot Detox

Foot detox.jpg

Ionic foot bath detox is a wellness system that uses ionically charged water to cleanse the body through the feetSome of the claimed benefits of ionic foot bath detox include:

  • Increased energy and focus

  • Clearer thinking and skin

  • A boosted immune system

  • Improved sleep and mood

  • Fewer aches and pains

  • Reduced inflammation and stress

  • Detoxified liver and kidneys

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